13 april 2012

illustration friday: vocal

Don't be puzzled, I'm just late with my vocals. Sorry. This is the story of my father as a little boy and the destructive influence of a teacher on his vocal carreer. One day when he was singing out loud, she barked at him: You are growling, my friend! From that moment on he stopped singing, till... he married my mother. Every morning he wakened her with a cuppa tea and a song, false as an old pyjama. Those are the words: Tea is coming, tea is coming, tea is there! 

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Great storytelling! So glad to hear your Dad overcame the damaging effects of that teacher! (LOVE how you portrayed her!!) Wonderful illustration! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice image!!! like the freedom and the mix between blak en white and color