8 augustus 2012

illustration friday: bounce

We walk the grass 
with bouncy feet 
we do not guess
the noise beneath
the earth quaking
little heads aching
baby slugs and isopods
rainworms, old centepedes
a million legs crawling
to deeper places

But now you know,
so please: tiptoe!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Such clever rhyme :) There's a whole bouncy story here! Great!

  2. I love the little families nestled in their beds of earth!

  3. Oh my gosh, so many little critters! So cool!

  4. Aw, look at the mama slug! Your pictures always delight me. As the housemate of two senior girl-dogs, 'Lonely' nearly made my heart break!

  5. I haven't thought about the world beneath!... Now I'll be more careful, while going for a walk in nature!:) A wonderful drawing, that has caught the anxiety of all those tiny creatures! And although I don't like them (in general), you made me smile and feel compassion...