30 november 2014

four funny cards

Four funny cards, made of leftovers: scraps of papercuts and pimped up sketches.

Dream on

Be grateful

You carry me, I carry you

Leave a trail of love

4 opmerkingen:

  1. You are so inventive, dear Hedie! So talented! You make everything look simple and easy! There's LIFE in your drawings and collages! I like them all, I like the sweet personages, the contrast of colours... "You carry me, I carry you" and "Be grateful!" are my favourites! Have a wonderful December!xx

  2. I like the four illustrations !!!!!
    Maybe, I like a bit more the second one, Because the mouse is sintting over something (A carpet or floor) (but this is something inside my mind, I like when a character is located about something and not "floating in the air "(although I normally do my drawings floating in the air) I I like how you did the flower (or sun) I think it is a flower. does not matter much what it is, I like the visual effect that did it, filling the space with drawing and cut paper. :)

  3. My favorite is the first one. I like the simplicity and the gorgeous red background. What a good idea to use old sketches!

  4. Lovely! And funny. I couldn't pick a fave :D