12 november 2014

IF- paper

Saterday morning we read the paper. Everything is chill, till... we notice a letter eater! Grrrrr

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Hedie, you are incredible!! You always go beyond the words, deep in the theme or approach it from an unexpected side. Your sense of humour is so fresh! This is something one cannot learn, it's a gift! I like the easiness with which you make your characters move.
    The collage with the newspaper is just wonderful! Big hugs for you!:)

  2. Het doet me denken aan de tijden dat de spionnen mij in de gaten hielden ;)

  3. Ik vind de combinatie van alle materialen heel erg leuk :-) En het blauwe geblokte tafelkleedje maakt het extra levendig!

  4. This is lovely! I always admire your use of collage and different materials but this is spectacular! It fits with the theme perfectly. Love the apparent simplicity. And characters are so sweet and full of life...

  5. totally Agree with Rossi!
    Always, in your illustrations, there is a story. one can see your illustrations, just as one reads a text. Did you never thought about doing a book that tells a story, but only with drawings? Mmmmm.... i think you are the artist to do that!!!!
    This is a very dangerous mouse, it can be a brain eater, Ja Ja! :)