10 april 2014

IF survival

                          Sometimes a quiet walk can change into a serious survival trip

The end


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  1. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  2. I have no words!! What a story! A real adventure - full of emotions and as if happening in "real time", in front of our eyes! Was it born in your imagination / dreams or a part of it is true?
    I'm again in awe at how you are drawing the body movements, Hedie!! So different in the air and in water...
    My favourite is the fifth picture! These colourful fishes are a sign that we'll have a happy end!!! Midnight kisses for a good night and sweet dreams!xox

  3. I agree on everything with Rossi!
    I really I can not say which is my favorite, but I guess the fourth illustration!
    Hedwig has been able to draw the sequence of the fall with a total mastery almost an animation layout!
    These pictures are proof not only of her skill, are proof of the knowledge she has of the elements to work, and the creative freedom (that it is one of the hardest things to acquire,and something I especially admire in an artist) not to mention her talent, obviously, this needless to say.
    Hedwig Congratulations!

    And to Rossichka:

    Hedie invited us to a party
    precisely in the previous post
    I did not go looking for you to your home...
    But all is not lost!

    If Hedwig cook for the three of us
    I will go looking for you, Rossi,
    not, by plane, I'll go by bus!! :)

    1. Wat een ongelofelijk spannend avontuur. Je bent subliem

  4. Sorry, I mean: "the third illustration"

  5. I imagine it is the story of my life. Two dogs of mine I always love them so much and our adventure story of us to find my lover.Its just excellent my dear. I love it :* Thanks a lot for this great story :)

  6. Wow! What a tale of terror, adventure, wild weather and lucky meetings! Terrifically and grippingly realized. Fantastic!

  7. What a great story and such a romantic end!

  8. This is amazing!!!! I really like to way you combine black ink line and pastels, very expressive! I think you should make a book about your 'quiet' walk, it would make a great picture book!

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog Hedwig. Been too quiet but now some more flowers have landed on my pages again... :-P
    Btw, I like the third illustration the most (like Roberto). But the last one is also so sweet...

  10. What a great story! I agree about previous commenter - about the picture book, it really does have everything needed for a big adventure, humour, drama, romance ... The movements of the bodies and the facial expressions (the angry little dog!) are precious! :D

  11. Hi, Witchy Woman! I wish you Happy Easter! and I send a virtual chocolate rabbit to eat when you're inside that little house that I see in your illustration! :)♥