27 juni 2014


Some beards are pricky
Some beards are sticky
Some beards are white and grey

They harbour an ocean
that invites you to make a voyage
You encounter a storm and can get lost

But you are safed 
You find a deserted island
where you party in Hawaian skirts
You learn that it is best to go with the flow
because this beard is so soft
that you can float without end.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Wonderfully, adorably hilarious. All those tiny mouse people with their assorted activities! Splendid!

  2. Absolutely adore the waves, great effect! And those little mice have so much character, love them all, especially the one on a little boat and the one above Hawaiian island...

  3. This has the rhythm of a sea in constant motion!!!! ... maybe a long beard, which the wind sways. I love Hedwig! (I mean: I love this, Hedwig!) I agree with Sasa, I love the little mouse in the Hawaiian island! (I wonder: Why mice? ... You could have drawn, other animals ... from butterflies to dinosaurs, but you did mice?...
    OK I do not want an explanation. would be a job for a psychologist! :)
    Have a beautiful week Hedwig! :))))

  4. I love this collage! The mice figures are so charming that I may fall in love with them...:D I like especially the dancing one under the palm tree.
    Your interpretation of the theme "jumps over it". Is this Poseidon?:)
    Let July bring you loooooooooots of sun and fun, Hedie!xx

  5. I love the colour, lines and movement... Congrats, and many thanks for your words! :)

  6. WOW! Its another wonderful work of art! I love this one so much! It reminds me one of my friend . He has such a long beard too and I guess he don't know anything about those tiny mouse live in his beard :))) I will show him this, and I am sure he love it too. You are very talented my dear :*

  7. HI Hedwig. I just came to say: Thanks for your comment!!!! :)

  8. Ton univers est très habité, magique, poétique et ton talent d'ilustratrice le sezrt à merveille.

    Bel été, Hedwig

    Je t'embrasse.