11 juli 2014



3 opmerkingen:

  1. As always, your work is excellent!
    This is in motion!
    Those quick strokes with white color are fragile, but give an idea of ​​movement with force!
    Diagonal lines give full dynamism to this illustration!
    I love when the drawing is so simple, that almost needs no lines (which give hardness and removed the softness of the drawing). and this is achieved by only two things: Talent and years of work (experience). Congratulations! and admiration!!
    PS: the song its a bit sad :(

  2. Love the textures. Agree with Roberto, I think this shows, maybe some distress, but also great force.

  3. My first feeling was for a tear... Someone is sad and even crying, while the others have fun. Then I thought it might be a firefly that cannot compete with the artificial light, i.e. the fireworks... But it's not that different, is it?
    I like the dynamics in your drawing, Hedie, there're sounds in it, too! I can imagine the themes of the feast and of that fragile creature and its emotions! You always surprise me with a new side of your talent! xxx