27 februari 2014

IF Space


I had tea with the moon last night
She shone big, she shone bright
In awe I looked up and smiled
but I was not in her sight
A soft 'hello madam', I tried
but her face was blank and white
After a long while I sighed
and her eyes shimmered with slight
Look at me, Luna, I cried!
But her lips stayed shut tight

Space was lonely and quiet
till I felt the rays of daylight

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, Hedie!.... I adore this illustration! I'm afraid that I may ruin with my words its impact, the special atmosphere it brings, the fragile moment of holding my breath... It is incredibly beautiful!! The colours, the golden yellow, the composition, the analogy with the Little Prince, the Moon sitting comfortably in the air... And you - an innocent little girl in front of her... So calming.... So harmonious!... I think God was holding your hand...xxx

    1. Dear Rossi, your compliments are too big! But I like that you like it so much! And yes, the word Space made me think of le Petit Prince.

  2. Oh, I completely forgot your wonderful words in rhyme! They say so much about how you feel and see things!:)

  3. I want to say (although I really like the drawing) this time,
    the words written by Hedwig, are so strong as the picture.
    from the first paragraph, puts my mind at the kind of text that I'm reading, I mean:
    I know I will not read a simple description of something, no, I will read something created by a mind willing to fantasy (in the best sense this may have) "creative and poetic fantasy" (necessary in the mind of every artist).
    because to say:
    "I had tea with the moon last night"
    It is so imaginative and poetic that can be qualified as a "magical" image
    and, as I believe, poetry is magic.
    Hedwig, still writing and drawing, both look great!

    1. Thanks, but like Rossichka, you are spoiling me with compliments! You both are my superfans and I love you for it!

  4. Applause! The poem and the painting are fantastic by themselves, but together they have such wonderful impact. Beautiful! If you had tea with me, I would talk your ear off. :)

  5. This reminds me of Roberto but it is still not like him. Not at all! There is definitely whimsical element of witchy woman, which is dominating. So fun, even I am tempted... maybe I'll too manage a poem AND an illustration some day... Thank you for inspiration! Have a great week Hedwig!

  6. C'est un vrai bonheur que de te voir t'exprimer de si belle façon par des mots d'une réelle poésie, accompagnée d'une très belle illustration.
    Merci, Hedwig et belle soirée à toi. Amitiés sincères.