28 maart 2013

IF swim

This is a recipe I made for http://www.theydrawandcook.com/recipes/green-beans-in-garlic-by-hedwig-meischke
It's just as if the beans dive in the sea of simmering garlic to take a swim!
click to enlarge!

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  1. Hi! Would you believe me if I tell you that this evening I cooked green bean with meat for tomorrow!:D
    This is such a witty and funny drawing! I like the beans' noses, the jumping garlic and the way the salt-cellar sprinkles with salt!
    Do you have other drawings on a cooking -theme?
    Good night! (Or maybe Good morning!)x

    1. This is the first recipe, but there will be more! I like the concept so much, and that drawandcook site. Goodnight to you too and for tomorrow bon appetit!

  2. Very fun illustration. I love the They Draw and Cook site!

  3. This is fun Hedwig! Love the swimming beans!! I love Draw and Cook and have been thinking of joining myself.

  4. Hi, Hedwig, I like your illustration, thanks for your comment.
    I know you from somewhere else?

  5. WW. I want to be there, right now, to taste this food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (perhaps with some fried bread cubes)

    Hey. thanks for your poetry!! (on ​​my blog)
    this illustration, as always, very good!!

  6. I missed this... Happy image, wonderful green bean dive! :-)

  7. that one bean peeking in from the top right corner... just wonderful!
    Lovely illustration!!