22 juni 2013

a late IF-sweet

"Nibble nibble like a mouse,
who is eating from my house?"
This is a scene from a famous Grimm story
about a badbad witch,
who lures children into her house of candy...

16 opmerkingen:

  1. this is entirely fun
    such a creative and wonderful piece

  2. These are so great! I'd love to see more of the story done with your imaginative set dressing!

  3. Making me hungry...These are interesting and very well done...I like the changes between the trees and the flowers...they both look good!

  4. This is fantastic! And funny, and charming, and tasty, and tempting... Great idea! To make the witch's house out of sweets. To make it look real.
    I like every detail (and the colours), but I have two favourites: the smoke and the slice-window!!! If only you could make such illustrations for a book!.....
    And, oh, the witch... I've put on stage "Hansel and Gtretel", but it never came up to my mind that she could take the image of a beautiful woman!!:)))

    (You can see some photos under the label "Hansel and Gretel", if interested.)

    1. Your witch is super! The big white hair! But you see, I wanted to catch Roberto... and it worked! :)))

  5. OK. I think this witch is nothing bad, and has a lot of sexy.
    (I would like to be trapped inside the candy house by this witch) ;))
      the house is a temptation, oh. poor my stomach if I was there!
    ok. loved this mix of media. I'd say it's a delicious collage!!
    do not you think, that you have an incredible mind?
    Oh yes it snows in Córdoba, and those are my boots!
    and my daughter is gone. buaaaaaaaaaaa ;((((((((
    have a nice and sexy week!!!! :))

    1. Oh poor guy! Saying goodbye is so sad. I hope you will soon cheer up. Take a walk in the snow. Love you!

  6. Wow! Now that is some unusual mixed media! Oh my gosh, I love the celery trees! Terrific!

  7. great idea for the house and trees, it looks amazing!

  8. I came back just to see sexy witch :)))))

  9. I am salivating... I want something sweet...

  10. Je pense que ton travail d'artiste doit enchanter les enfants même si cela leur fait peur parfis, comme il est permis dans l'univers des contes.