20 juni 2013


If my friend Roy had worn his mosquito hat, he would have had a nice, non-itchy sunday!

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  1. Wow wow wow, I am the first one here! :-)
    I don't know Roy but I think I would recognize him in real life, this seems like a good portrait.
    And I feel sorry for him, but you were nice to give him a mosquito hat, at least in alternative reality. :-)

  2. Hey, your friend Roy reminds me of someone that I see when I am just in front of the mirror! Ja Ja!!!!!

    Poor Roy, There are some good mosquito repellents. why do not you recommend one?
    OK. jokes aside. excellent drawing
    little by little, you're showing the best of you. WW.
    How else is there?

    1. Yes, (almost) bold men with stubbly beards of a certain age... Roy is a city man and didn't believe mosquito's are that bad. Repellent and hat came too late.

    2. Wow scary but also very nice to see myself :-) It's me! It is still itching. And now back in the city Amsterdam where it is grey and raining I want to return to Hedwig. Fantastic drawing! Roy

    3. :))) See you soon! ps The nasty buggers are still here.

  3. Funny portraits..Good journalling!! Poor Roy!

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