15 januari 2014


I took some time to reflect
'and I set out one night
when the tide was low'
to search for new horizons

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  1. OK. very well!!!!
    About your drawing ... what can I say that has not been already said?
    I love it.
    when someone can draw like you, has no limits or boundaries, your characters are "so yours" that you can draw it from front, back, top, bottom, as you want, and are always well drawn
    In addition, the stroke, the brush touch, is accurate and precise.
    New Horizons? We are always looking for, I do not understand a life in which every day we do not try to look for new horizons.
    Congratulations, Hedwig! :))

  2. oh. I love your hair "joining" underwater with red stain, but the fish is happy, no drama :))))))))))
    I just realize that you're in a boat. your boat. Take strong, that rudder!

    1. The red stain is the witch's hat. Who knows what the fish will do with it. My boat was in a storm but we came out stronger.
      Thanks for your words, my Bardy friend. You are always there.

  3. I love the hair! The long flowy hair - lovely! And the dogs, always so adorable. The one in her lap with that sweet face! Terrific! I wonder if they will nibble the hat to bits!

  4. And you will reach them - there's light in the distance! I like your looong, flowing hair - it has secretly grown under the hat. But now, without it on your head, you are no longer the Witchy Woman... Maybe the Witchy Fish will appear instead (still I hope it won't like the hat's taste)!:)
    A lovely painting, dear Hedwig! I adore looking at the body language of your doggies!!:-o)

  5. Wonderful drawing, I can feel that she wants to explore the world! Great energy, I want that!!!! Love your characters.

  6. Not sure if managed to comment this or not.So another try...
    I love your bunch, happy to see them going off towards new adventures. And this time accompanied by 'Roberto's fish', so cool! Curious to see what next. (There must be more to this story???)

  7. Oh Hedwig...this is beautiful!! So full of hope and dreams and the colours and so passionate!

  8. what did you find?
    love the spirit in your drawing!
    x Stefanie

  9. Hello, Hedwig!
    Hope you are O.K. and are not freezing or being in trouble... xxxxx