31 augustus 2014

IF- metamorphosis

                                               What an unpleasant surprise! 
       The fragile, fluffy cabbage white butterfly metamorphosed into a fat, greedy, 
                                              green caterpillar!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. You seems to fly with the butterflies ... Om Om ..... Almost floating in space!! but ... the caterpillars seems not to displease you.
    Oh, I see that one of the caterpillars has an angry face! shall be guilty of eating the leaf?
    Watch the caterpillar, do not eat your eyebrows, which looks so powerful! (sorry, it was a joke)
    To get poetic, I would say that, even the ugly caterpillar produces a beautiful butterfly. and could be a metaphor for life.
    And do not forget that the finest and most delicate silk, is produced by a worm.
    I love how you mixed up the real leaf with drawing! Have a nice week!!!! :)

  2. Your witch is so gracious, even sitting down!;-) I lke how you have divided the paper in two parts, showing the change of emotion. You are very good and creative at collages, Hedie! Is that plant from your garden? What was it?:) How do you "fight" with caterpillars? Hope it's not funny at all when you find out their devastations in the garden...
    Have a marvellous September!!!xoxox

    1. Thanks, Rossichka! It's a leave of green cabbage from my garden eaten by the caterpillars. I don't know what to do to stop them from eating, so I stop with growing the cabbage! :)

    2. This is clever. Better than poisoning the soil, isn't it?...
      Right at this moment a storm with wind and rain has started here. After the many sunny August days... We are staying "under the roof " and feel safe. It's the moment for a cup of delicious coffee... Bye!xx

  3. From August 31 you do not make a post here !!! We are missing your art WW !!! :)

  4. Yes, we miss you, Hedie! Hope you are O.K.!!