29 augustus 2014


And now: Leave us alone! We want to draw!

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  1. What gives me some fear is the bird of prey, which hovers over your boat :O(
    One question: if. by chance, I'm sailing near your boat, you invite me for tea?
    But but but... now I realize that your pirate ship is not aggressive, the skull is smiling! :)

  2. I like the creative atmosphere - everyone looks happy with what is doing and the coffee/tea cups speak so much! I like the collage - the pirate banner is to keep the others at a distance, isn't it? Trust, love, friendship and coziness... Even the golden fish feel this...:)xox

    1. You are so right! The banner is to scare others away, even Roberto!, but its just bluff :)

    2. Witchy Woman, you think that a simple flag with a skull and crossbones, can keep me away from you and your art? HA HA AND HA!!!! !!!! In Blogland and its stormy seas, which have wrecked the most experienced sailors, I am known as Red Beard the Pirate! (actually, White Beard ;)
      I can go to approach your small boat, and eat your two pets in one bite! HA HA HA!!!!!
      Waitress, bring a pint of rum at my table !!! HA HA!!!!
      PRR -PRRR- PRRRRR (this is my parrot that I have on my shoulder)

    3. Oh gosh, my dear pirate! I didn't want to offend you. Please, don't eat us! I have a proposition: You can come aboard and have tea with us (with a drop of rum!) and then you comb your red beard and sit as a model, quiet as a little mouse. How about that?
      Perhaps your parrot will mimick my dogs and start saying Grrrrr :)))))

  3. I love the perspective. They look very happy down there sketching!