19 januari 2015

IF- toy

Once there was a boy
who loved to annoy.
He took the girl's toy.
But! And! Tssssssss!!!
She seemed to enjoy.
He just said: Ahoy!


7 opmerkingen:

  1. Hedie, dear, what a story! So short (just 6 sheets) and yet so rich of events, emotional conditions, change of moods, development of action... You are so talented!! Everything seems to be done "in one breath". I like your style, the collages you make, the colours you use, everything! What a pleasure, thank you!xxxxx

  2. Oh !!! I was on Mars! or on the Moon! How I did not come to see this wonder until today ?!
    I love your characters (very well drawn) would be good to do a series with them. (something like two friends or two neighbors, I guess if they were brothers, she had been angry) (I could write some stories and sell them all over the world and earn millons dollars!!!!! Ha Ha!)
    Well, your art: You know, I think you're a great artist, look, just, ductility with which you draw the bodies, still, or moving. Besides your ability to use different media and techniques. OK Too many compliments! Have a nice week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. Roberto said everything that I didn't know how to express! I admire every single dot and line drawn by you, Hedie!:)

  4. Oh Hedwig! This is fabulous! And so much fun!! When Roberto starts selling your books I'm going to buy them for everyone I know!

  5. Wow, I love this little book. And agree what everyone says. It looks so simple but I know it is not. (The little rabbit is so cute, on last page he looks like my cat when I try to lift and hug her...)