18 februari 2015


When the night is heavy,
when clouds bump into darkness,
the moon is your beaken,
your friend.
Ssst, the moonflower unfolds her petals, 
the magic flower of reflection.
Sssst, be very quiet now,
she only blossoms when you sleep.


7 opmerkingen:

  1. Oooo, this is pure magic! Hedie, dear, I'm feeling overexcited!:)
    Quiet, silent night... The moonflower beaming... Is it a fantasy, a dream or, maybe, the reality?...
    So many nuances of blue, such beauty!
    Sweet dreams, I'm comiiiiiiiing!D

  2. Hi Hedwig, I LOVE this painting, the shades of blue and the contrast with the yellow moon.. and the sweet blanket... Wow!

  3. Somehow reminds me of Japanese painting, in this sense: all elements at the bottom, and above only sky. It also reminds me a painting by Paul Klee !!! I'd say you're the Master of blue and yellow!
    It is admirable how your illustration, it is almost an abstract painting, and the element that makes sense (I would say, tenderness) is the small area in which we see the bed with the woman (you?) and dogs. 10% of the picture surface. Also, I love the composition, perfect, my eyes "enter" to the picture above left, and walk every inch of the surface, ending at the scene of the bed, and start again Admirable!
    PS: the house and the clouds, look like a giant trying to catch the moon to eat. Every time I see one of your jobs, I want to see more!

  4. Ah. I forgot. I loved the poetry! has magic, as Rossi says!

  5. Beautiful !!!!!
    Love the overlays on the moon .... so you hardly recognize it in the first place ;-)

  6. Beautiful and magical! And what a warm and cozy bed!

  7. Très joli texte poétique et superbement illustré.