17 juli 2015

IF garden

3 opmerkingen:

  1. It seems to be your secret place, your haven; the place to rest with yourself!:)
    I love the lively colours!

  2. This garden is a vibrant secret haven as Rossichka says. A strong image you feel rather than see.

  3. Hedwig! This is beautiful! Yes, as the girls say above. This has some secret. I dare not want to guess what that secret is. But I see this woman as if she is into a bubble ... Protection? ¿Insulation? I see her as a dove with its wings tired.
    For the lines that are mixed and entangled, I could deduce that within that secret bubble, there is a world boiling, so to speak. But best not to assume anything else. And suffice it to say that I really like your drawing.