30 september 2015

IF Prize

the prize for a sleepless night


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  1. Yes ! it was great !!!
    (we were so lucky with that clear sky at this time of the year !)

  2. Oooo! Did you see it? How I envy you - we had a rainy night and had no chance at all!
    I see you are still happy!
    A lovely collage, Hedie!xxx
    Happy and beautiful October - with more sun and less wind and rain!

  3. I'll tell you something that is something I prioritized when I see an artist's drawings. especially someone who draws "cartoon characters" or "illustration characters". I look especially if the artist handles his characters, and not, the characters handle to the artist. I mean. I give much importance when the artist "knows" his/her characters, and he/she move them in the scene so the characters are always well standing, or the movements are correct, you know,.. the feet where its belongs, and the hands where the hands should be . and then, the character's body is in balance, whether the character is on the ground, under water or in the air. And you meet that standard (mine standard ) to perfection. And with the addition ,,, that your characters are often animals.
    See how this character (you) is perfectly in the air with her feet in the right position. her head and neck as well.
    You know how I can sum it all i said? Saying that when I see your drawings illustrating your story (no matter if the text is only one word or a hundred, there is always a story) I believe the story and the illustration.
    And about, the eclipse. yes, was wanderful, but here it occur not late at night, it was about 11:30 pm. good time to go sleep with a beautiful image in mind. :)

  4. Oh Hedwig, this makes me want to fly with the moon....
    You have captured well the feeling of a special magical night.

  5. Le monde a besoin de rêves. Le monde a besoin d'humour. Ce sont de puissants leviers pour retrouver une bonne humeur,et de loptimisme. J'aime le dessin d'humour, il m'aide à vivre et bien évidemment, j'ai les humoristes qui les créent, surtout depuis que l'on veut les priver du droit d'expression.Merci pour ce que tu nous apportes. Amitiés.