30 december 2015

IF soar

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, I've always suspected that every soul we've loved, becomes an angel... And they fly round about above our heads for love can never disappear!
    Happy New Year, my friend!
    Be healthy, smiling, expecting wonders and believing that all your dreams will come true! Lots of love from me!!XOX

    1. Thank you, my sweet Rossi! This is my deceased cat flying in cat heaven. You understood that she now is a cat angel. Best wishes to you!!!!

  2. I agree with Rossichka. And even when the deceased is one of our beloved animals. Sometimes I think, the love our animals give us, is no other than our own love that is returned to us through them
    Your illustration shows us how much you loved this cat. And love is always the most beautiful inspiration. I congratulate you and wish you Happy New Year! :)))))

  3. Oh so sweet! The first impressions of this illustration were freedom and happiness. Hope there will be plenty of both in 2016.
    Happy new year Hedwig!