12 augustus 2016

IF tiny

Hey! Big Dutch farm girl! Watch your wooden shoe! Don't step on something tiny!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have something tiny you must be very careful and good

and then it can grow into big love

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow! I do not have words. Three examples of three different art forms. First, illustration. or, if you will, comic cartoon. (Even animation. Remember my previous comment about your drawings as a frame of a movie)
    Second, portrait, a magnificent portrait. In which by strong and determined line, you give strength to the tender image.
    Third, a painting with a conceptual idea, an image that speaks for itself. Made with artistic skill, (you "modify" the body as you wish but nevertheless it is still well drawn) Dramatic and sweet. I said I had no words, but I think I spoke too! I could summarize everything I said in: WOW! Have a nice weekend Hedwig!! :)

  2. I'm in awe! I can't take away my eyes from your art pieces, Hedie! There's such a "tempo" in the collage... The pencil portrait is so tender and intimate and I like the loving concentration of the naked girl... with that glowing red light - it's amazing!!
    My dear friend, have you thought of exposing your drawings? I think that people should enjoy your talent!xx