14 januari 2017

IF sound

              Awake by the sound of sleeping


5 opmerkingen:

  1. Woow! This is like seeing an abstract painting for me, a painting that I like. It moves my senses, my emotions, I like it, but ... I do not understand it. It is a beautiful illustration, very well drawn, made with an excellent technique ... But I do not understand what it means. Anyway, I am the first to say: You must not understand a work of art, it should only comes to you. You like it, or you do not like it. And I like this very much! Excellent! (The artist should not feel bad when the viewer does not understand his language ... I can hear a song sung in Chinese language, I do not understand what it lyrics say, but I like it) Have a beautiful Sunday Hedwig. i am glad that you posted this new drawing here. I was missing your art. Thank you.

  2. May I risk an interpretation? The man sleeps snoring ... the snore is like a saw that cuts the tree waking the owl ... :)

    1. Bravo! :)))
      In Holland we have an expression for very loud snoring: to saw trees... voila!

  3. I love your signature... is like... Vincent!!!! :)

  4. Yeah, his snore breaks the tree and wakes up the owl!... I like the contrast of colours and especially those remains from the pencil-sharpener.:)
    I missed you, too, Hedie! Hope you are fine! Here we've been trapped in the Frozen Kingdom!:(