6 maart 2017

IF heroic and scoop

An heroic act
without thinking
scoop her up
stop her sinking

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hedwig, my friend ... You do not stop surprising me.
    What can I say? ... This is a Futuristic drawing (You know, the Futurists artists were trying to capture the movement) ... This is in addition a tender and sweet story of love and friendship. Who puts his life in danger, to save the life of his friend... Beautiful!
    Congratulations once again. (Obviously, you know that I admire your ability, skill, to draw, I think I have said it before: You know the quality of the artist when she/he dominates her/his drawing, and no, her/his drawing dominates her/him...and you have no problem to do whatever you want with your characters)

  2. Hello, Hedie! I'm looking at your drawings and don't know what to write! I think I've said the most important things not once or twice - about your talent to recreate bodies' movements with such an ease, to build a story, to draw its changing rhythm and mood... I like most the fast taking-off the cloths...:)xxx

    ... hold her tight in your paws,
    that is one of friendship's laws...