29 december 2017

IF plant

Once I had a veggie garden. 
I couldn't keep it up, but it inspired me to do some drawings on this topic.

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  1. Wow Hedwig! i love how you do art, because you can tell a story with an "illustration like in a children´s book" but at the same time you put humour and "technic knowledge" about how to do an artistic drawing (I am sorry because i dont know the acurate word in english, in spanish we say: "plástica" when we talk about art, i could say you do children´s illustrations with a "plastic" technic) and... adding humour, and, from my point of view, art and houmor walk hand in hand.
    I am so sorry, because you made this post on dicember 29 and i saw it just today. but i dont come to blogger too often latelly. I will try to do illustrations to show here. i miss the old times, maybe i am more on FB than here but Blogger gave me good moments too. Have a happy new year my friend!!!

  2. Dear Hedie, I read the story with growing interest! You have the rare gift to tell stories with drawings! I think this one is perfect for a children's book, you could make an educational series... You give freedom to our imagination, the kids will love that
    ! Your sense of humour is so sweet! I wish you a new book in 2018!!

  3. He-he, I just read Roberto's comment - we both think alike...:)