25 januari 2018

IF number 5

5 trees make no forest
but for me it's the world.

Number 1 I call The Hand,
every morning he waves hi!

Number 2 is Fork,
he is two trees in one.

Number 3 is Thin and Tall,
reaching for the sky.

Number 4 is Mister Beauty,
stout and proud,
exactly as a tree should be. 

Number 5 is Sprout,
he is a specialty, 
my windowsilly baby tree.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I think without doubt you are a great artist, who expresses herself, from and through the illustration. I'll tell you why, I think that an artist "processes" reality and expresses it with its own language (which may or may not be understood by others). Just seeing how you gave the idea of the folded curtain (which, without a doubt, is a folded curtain) speaks for itself about what I affirm. Also the trees, the hair, and all the elements in this illustration. Congratulations also for your poetry.

  2. What a story - nothing in common with everything that I've read, a unique and unexpected approach to the theme! Love the mood - I can FEEL that the new day has just begun, the fallen shoulder-strap speaks so loud! I love the collage technique you use, Hedie! Thank you for the joy you bring me every time! xxxx