23 februari 2018

IF house

A house with a big door
is like a sailor with a big boat,
is like a man with a big heart:
It can harbour many creatures,
small, tall, all.

As for me, 
I am a special case,
I have a special place:
I cling to his left toe
so he won't forget 
the sea 

one picture is too small and the other too big, 
but maybe it's nice to see some details...


4 opmerkingen:

  1. What a merry house! As if notes are dancing in the smoke. I like all the inhabitants, as well as the loving crab. "Small, tall, all"- that's great! Thank you, Hedie, dear! xxx

  2. Hi, Hedwig. I like this illustrations like all the others you do. and I like what you wriyte too. I think the house with a big door you means is a place full of reminds.The many creatures you name here are all the reminds a person have, and the sea is the past. Sorry for the "interpretation" You know, I hate to make "interpretations" of paintings or drawings, because it have not sence and many times even the author knows what he/she drew. :) Have a nice weekend!!!! :)

  3. Very happy image! The sailor looks very content. I would love to live in a house like that too! (love the crap)

  4. Your man with the big heart looks so good !
    (en een huis vól !!!)