19 juli 2012

illustration friday: lost 2x

Lost in daydreams (again)


And now: my ultimate childhood song
about being lost...

Little lamb, what are you wandering about? 
Alone in the moors, alone in the moors.
Why are you not with the herd?
Litte lamb, here are flowers nor grass,
not one drop of water for you to drink.
And oh, if only you were not so little...

7 opmerkingen:

  1. The top one is really magical, i love it!! The bright colors really separate the dreamworld from the "real" world. The lamb in the second image is also really cute, great work!!

  2. Such cheerful, colourful dreams! You can lose your mind... But, before your head completely whirls round, your friends give you a hand!... I like the colours and the composition!
    The lamb looks so small and lost! But the pink and blue tell me that nothing bad will happen to him!...

    1. Thanks Rossichka, your sweet comments make me very happy!

  3. Hi, thank you for your comments on my work, I really liked what you said - you pretty much understood exactly what the image is supposed to be about.

    I like your gentle style of drawing, very dreamlike and easy to look at for a long time. The bird carrying the scarf (?) is simple but beautiful. Happy daydreaming :)

  4. Haha! That's perfect and so funny! I love the daydream and the two friends yanking on her.
    And the teeny sheep, oh dear! I hope it ends better for him than I imagine. What a sad and scary poem, too!

  5. Beautiful work! I really love the latest one.

  6. I love your style (very fluid!) and that magical, colourful daydream world.