27 maart 2014



I thought lady in red
I thought apple, fox, lobster, robin
I thought fire, passion
I thought dance

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Love this Hedwig! She looks like someone I would want to meet :)

  2. I'm thinking what to say about this and did not know. I guess we "grasp" at creative things ( I do not like to say art) in a certain place, which is within our body, equidistant between the heart and the mind) a mysterious place, which sometimes even does put to us goosebumps, with a drawing, a painting, a music. etc.
    This work of yours, passes through my body, exactly, in that place, so I do not know what to say. I could say, it's wonderful, I am moved, is beautiful, I see animals, I see movement, dynamic, excellent color ...
    but it is not enough, I believe that the best to say is That when I see your work, a delighted smile appears on my face. :)

    1. And now I don't know what to say! Mission accomplished! I sit here with a big grin, from ear to ear. Thank you, Roberto!!!

  3. What a passionate dance! I like the dress - it's like burning lace! Barefoot, with "flying" hair and closed eyes - she's the rhythm, the music, the dance... Love the emotion, Hedie!:)xx

  4. She is cute. I like this little lady in red <3

  5. This is cool witch...although its a hot colour!