25 september 2014

IF novelty

We humans, we are so ingenious
we make machines
to produce products we think we need
But our inventions are no novelty's 
Nature turns her wheels
for ages and ages
This for example 
is a wormfactory

3 opmerkingen:

  1. This is real, it's true. when electric power outages in my neighborhood, and we all get bored and go to sleep, because no computer, and no television or no lamps lit to read, I say: Humanity has more years lived without electric power, than with it. So... why despair?
    And every day there is something new that we think we need and that makes us slaves. And we do not realize that the Earth is the real creator of life itself. Is who best recycled. You know what? in my house I have a small Wormfactory with earthworms from California, they transform potato peels, lettuce leaves, all vegetal waste of our house in a powerful fertilizer! It is an old machine that works naturally, free, and without polluting the environment.
    You drawing is excellent!!!! Congratulations!!!!! :)

  2. your drawing makes me warm from inside - so very nice!
    x Stefanie

  3. Maybe I can't quite understand everything, but I can see the start and the end of the process and the energy these worms work with! Well, there's a lot to be learnt from them, from bees, from ants...:)
    A witty and funny drawing, Hedwig! I like that you've depicted the human world in black and white...