1 oktober 2014


a little homemade book about 'wish'
this is the cover

page 1 - 2
page 3 - 4
page 5 - 6

page 7 - 8

page 9 -10
cover again, back and front

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Hedie, dear, this is lovely! So thoughtful, funny and sweet!... I like your little book - from the first to the last sheet! Such a nice story - every drawing is completing it! I like very much the collage style (the flower and the sun !) The mice in the bed is my favourite moment! It's so pleasant to imagine who has written the letter?:)
    Big hugs!:)xxx

  2. So sweet! I love the little mouse! He is particularly adorable in blue on the yellow background!

  3. I really like your "homemade" book: the story, the illustrations and the "design" of the book itself. Very imaginative!

  4. oh my comment diaspears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Fabulous! Dear friend, I think you should make a series with these books. I would not say "homemade book" I say "author's book"
    I love (and surprises me) as "non-words" manages to convey an idea that everyone (people with different languages) understand perfectly!
    It's yours merit,
    I always say that one of the things that differentiates an artist, is the intention. I'll tell you: that flower, you could having drawn, painted with pencil, or acrylic, or watercolor, or ink. But (and here is the intention that differentiates you with others) you made it with fabric, and sewn with a machine. Congratulations !!!
    I do not wonder, as Rossichka does, who sent the letter?. These letters can come from anywhere, anyone, even, can not be a letter. To look at the sun every morning and look at yourself in the mirror and realize that we are alive, to be thankful that we are alive is a joy, that keeps the sadness away and make us smile!!!!! :) Have a weekend full of smiles and happines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!! pfiuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I love this! And and if I had had this book as a kid I would have loved it even more, it is gorgeous! Reminds me actually of some 60's-70's children's books I read: there is collage, textures, solidarity, friendship...

  8. I loooooooveeeee it! Thank you! You make me smile with this <3