30 oktober 2014


Years ago I made a story about a boy who is recovering from an illness. He is weak and bored, doesn't want to play, doesn't want to smile, but his mom pulls him out of that sulky attitude by engaging him in an adventure with self made sock puppets.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. My dear Hedie, this is amazing! Fantastic! So clever, so delicate, so beautifully drawn, so warmly told. The image completes the text and vice versa.
    The story begins, develops and ends in front of our eyes. There's suspense, changes of emotions, gradation of the mood, climax... Everything a good story needs! Of course that I like the main fantastic characters - the sock pupets!:-0) And that magic blanket! This is a pupet theatre way of thinking!... And what about the cat - this is me, this is you, and he, and she - i.e.everyone of us, the audience.By me. :) Bravo!!!xxxx

    1. Wow! Thank you, Rossichka! You make me blush. From pride!

  2. Agree totally with Rossichka, a fantastic story and illustrations! And the characters are great, my favorite is the cat, love how she is such a great companion, a typical cat...

  3. Oh that is the sweetest thing! Beautifully drawn, especially the critters. Rik and Rim are my favorite! (And also your dogs, of course!)

  4. i'm here again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    I find this story, Maravillosa!
    Easy to read and understand. I love the character "cat". Always a character out of history helps to de-structuring.
    I love your ability to draw the characters. with positions almost like frames of an animation. (I mean: the way you draw them, especially animals) also movements of the cat are drawn with great knowledge of the body (second illustration)
    I could recognize your drawings from hundreds of other drawings. the color palette that you use is unmistakable. Congratulations, as always! :)))