8 oktober 2014


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  1. Oh, if I could be at the place of the fox, I would spend lots and lots of hours/days/nights in this silence!
    One can find it in all the seasons - I guess that's what you want to say!:)

    To sleep, to dream, to forget... I feel a strong desire to cuddle under the blanket!:DD And maybe to dream that I am that lovely fox!?

    Good night, Hedie!

  2. Beautiful and beautifully colored! So sweet! So cute! Makes me want to get cozy under a blanket and nap. :)

  3. (Haha! I just noticed I was the second person inspired to cuddle under a blanket!)

  4. I like your drawing you know. and I think you know very well how to put color to your art. A subtle combination of colors, values, tones, and a hint of soft black / greyish.
    I do not like to interpret what the artist wants to say. because there are more possibilities of error, than a hit, with what one assumes the artist meant. interpretation possibilities are endless. and, besides, I do not think a drawing or painting is done to be interpreted by someone else, not even to like someone.
    But always (albeit silently) I will not deny, I guess something about the meaning of what I'm seeing. And this, I think, is a metaphor for life. (no matter if I was right, that is what I like to think it is) :) Have a nice Friday and weekend and next week!!!!

    1. What I like about art is that everyone can interpret as he or she wants! The creator makes with an idea in mind, but the beholder gives his own meaning to it. That's the beauty, that's the fun!!!!