21 oktober 2014



breathe in, breathe out
let go of
troubles, worries, fears,
dark thoughts, old voices
that form clouded knots
in my head
hum a mantra
mo me mamo

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I love this because, as you know, I said in my blog: I have no problem, but you say: I have problems but let them go off. This gives me idea of ​​intention and power, so that problems do not affect you! Positive, positive thinking !! Hedwig, I love your post, I love your drawing and I love your mantra. (I think I'll put it into practice every day!) :)

  2. Wonderful perspective! Very cool! I love those sleeping dogs as extra protection around your feet!

  3. I like it, I need it, I'll do it!:)
    The sleeping dogs are "calming down" the energy of the black forces in your mind.
    Mo Me Mamo... Mo Me Mamo... Mo...

    And after that I'll try Roberto's way. I hope we'll feel better soon!:)

    Lovely, lovely, Hedwig!!

  4. Good advice! Let all the troubles go, let the sleeping dogs lie! :o)