6 januari 2015


My invention is called The Mood-Swing

There is no high without a low,
but it is good to know 
this happens to and fro.
There is no dark without a light.
Tomorrow is the day
after the night

7 opmerkingen:

  1. I like this IF! But i cant understand: Who is (or what means) fro?
    As day and night as Moon and Sun as up and down, as everything in this life, all is balanced, and everything has a reason. Here in your beautiful art, the yellow is the reason of the blue, and the blue, is the reason of the yellow. Balanced as my sign :)

    1. Oh sorry, Roberto! I made a mistake in the writing. It has to be 'to and fro' (ida y vuelta) like the movement of a swing.
      Thanks for your attentive reading! I corrected the sentence.

  2. Very well said, wonderfully drawn! It's such a pleasure to look at the play of colours and movements, at the mingling of day and night... Your swing-mood idea is something I will wear in my mind! Happy beginning of 2015, Hedwig!!:)

  3. oh my goodness, a mood-swing! This is how I'm going to think about my ups and downs from now on :D Love the sun and moon touching noses :)

  4. Happy New Year Witchy good to see you're still producing amazing art!!!

  5. What a great idea! So clever how you portrayed the two swingers into one image, with both night and day! She is so joyful on the day side!

  6. Oh Hedwig! I want a mood swing! What a lovely idea and so true the story you tell. Fabulously fun illustration and colours.