21 januari 2016

IF spin

To make a story
seems like magic
but the trick is just
spinning words together

once upon a time two little ghosts were dancing in the night...

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Ohhh, so beautiful and funny and gorgeous. I want to be right there too (probably cowering under the blankets too!). What wonderful work - words and pictures. I love it. Big grin now :-) Thank you! xx

  2. WOW. !!!! There are illustrations which only illustrate ... (is it a redundance?) But there are illustrations, which have "their own life"
    They do not need a text to be mere companions. These illustrations are illustrations that "say" ...it tell us something, with a graphical language, without words.
    This illustration is one of them.
    For me, the wonderful, the amazing thing is when an artist creates his/her own language (Perhaps this is the ultimate goal of an artist, express her art in her own language) but ... but ... when is a language so clear that we can all understand what
    the artist wants to say, the artist can be satisfied. He/she closed the circle.
    And I, modestly think, this is the case, with this illustration, you closed the circle:

    -Development of the idea,
    -Working using your skills and knowledge
    -Final result (Illustration)
    -Spectator, getting the idea
    (spectator smiling) :)

  3. A trick?! Maybe for those who have the natural talent for storytelling.:D
    What a beginning of a story! It makes the imagination work and reach fantastic, unknown worlds...
    But before that your extraordinary illustration has provoked it - there's so much in it! A story, characters, tension, emotions, fear and... cosiness - to be at home, getting ready to sleep and having someone to tell you "Good night!"
    Hedie, my dear, every time I come here I smile and feel sooooooooooo well! Thank you! xxx