29 januari 2016


her tears worked as a looking glass
that made him see her soul

breaks were tenderly tied together 
knots in a forever untangible bond
sadness became strength
cracks became golden medals
wounds became wisdom


4 opmerkingen:

  1. OH. Coincidentally, both did an illustration related to Japan!
    (I must admit that I also had to go to Google to know what Kintsugi means)
    I love how you relate this ceramic repair technique to repair something between people.
    Certainly. repair does not have to be synonymous of devalue. Repair can also be, as you say, to get wisdom.
    Thank you very much Hedwig, you opened my eyes to see this post, so smart and beautiful. I'll remember that when I have a misunderstanding with someone, (I hope not with you) JA JA. Have a nice weekend! :)

  2. I learned something new ("kintsugi"), thanks to your drawing, Hedie! I won't analyse it - your words explain a lot. But your talent has visualized them and we see a story - with its past, present and future, a dramatic situation, a strong relationship... So many emotions in this small piece of paper! I love your work!!xx

  3. I like the idea that something that is broken and then fixed is more valuable and perfect than something that is new and whole. I wish it would apply to everything.