6 februari 2016

IF smart

be smart: do art before dishes


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ha-ha, there's so much mood in this collage! Art before all, of course - one must catch the inspiration moment, besides drawing/painting is much more pleasant than washing dishes. I see you have admirers who are happy that you paint in the kitchen!:D Hm, it seems that you've been having a long-termed creative period!:-)
    I like your sweet sense of humour, Hedie - using the wall as a canvas and the kitchen washing brush and gel as a brush and paint tell us: "Ssssht! Stay quiet and do not interrupt her!"
    Well, keep up drawing in the new week, too!:)xxxx

  2. What can I say?
    First, it seems to me a success the main character, (you) turning your back to the viewer, this always seems like a success in painting. and I'll tell you why.
    Because it is an invitation to enter into the work, because the character is like another spectator. if the character is in front of me, as looking at me, is a barrier between the work and me. but if the character is like you in this painting. I feel like I'm there, sharing the moment.
    Well, the collage is great. almost an abstract painting. I do not doubt that you in the kitchen, unfold your ability, just like on paper. an artist in all areas.
    One more thing. I also like how you used different colors for different lines, this, far from creating chaos, unifies and gives movement and cinética to the work: :)