24 februari 2016

If shelter

This is the story of the poor, lonely magician who was one night sitting near the stove, burning his last dry wood, who was cold, hungry and tired, who didn't know if he wanted to try out new tricks, who doubted if there were kids that still enjoyed watching any new tricks, who wondered if winter would ever end, who didn't feel longing for spring...

But then he heard a sound that was not made by the wind. He looked up and saw two big bunny eyes that said: Gimme shelter

to be continued....

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Prachtig de zoom van die broek (?) en dat lapje ;-)
    (wordt vervolgd ???)

  2. Wow. i want to see more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Simple but effective. Also in simplicity it is the skill and knowledge. I would say that if you do not know about the complexity you can not arrive at simplicity. (something about this said Picasso, right?) I would like to see more but, I think too that not need to be continued, for the motif: Shelter, i think you achieve the objective :)

  3. It promises to be a touching story of friendship!
    I like the change of mood and tempo in the drawings! The use of one and the same piece of fabric for "shelters" is just lovely!!
    Hmmm, your magician reminds me of our mutual friend R.!:))

  4. Oh, too sweet, my heart breaks.... This must be the same rabbit we met earlier. She has found a shelter, maybe a home? Oh sweet...
    Love the black-white-red world, very effective.