9 maart 2016

IF childhood

for my mother

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Hoi Hedwig, leuk dat je bij mij langs kwam, met veel plezier heb ik bij jouw blog rond gekeken! Erg leuk en fris!

  2. I love this work. I love how you drew the water. and how the characters are placed in the boat. Somehow the boat is a good image of childhood, (it's like a space isolated from the world in which the most important are the relationships of love between the people closest ... parents, siblings)
    I thought the collage with the shets of a book were the sails of the boat. But then I noticed a cloud ... (It's a sail and the cloud is on it?) I like how you drew your mother. and I like how there is a path marked by the eyes of the characters, including the dog. Congratulations!!!! I can see a happy childhood here :)

  3. I would like to know about what is written in the book, im sorry, i dont understan Dutch language. :)

  4. Although in open sea, you look safe and happy. Your wonderful illustration tells me that your childhood was full of adventures - real ones and imaginary, in the endless magical world of literature. Your mother seems to be the main, inspiring force... What a lovely tribute! Hugs, my dear friend!xx

  5. This reminds me of moomins for some reason. Adventures and safe loving mum like Rosschika says.

    1. It reminded me of moomins and Tove Jansson's family, too!:)

  6. Un très beau cadeau que tu lui fais, ici.
    Très bon weekend à toi, chère Hedvig;
    Bien amicalement.