26 juli 2016

IF trapped


                                     Sometimes you feel trapped, lost and alone
                                     but when someone finds you,
                                     you get unlost, unalone and untrapped.
                                     It's not a miracle, it just happens.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. So very true! One must never lose hope...
    Hedie, you are such a master of movements - I have the feeling I watch everything happen in real time! I'm just wondering - how much time it takes you to draw a story like this one? Seems so easy, but I guess many hours of hard work preceded this certainty of the line.xxx

  2. Yes, I agree with Rossi, you draw your characters as frames of a cartoon. I always admired that ability you have.
    I could answer Rossichka about how long it takes to do this. Each drawing or illustration, or painting or other work of art including, plays or work with puppets as you do, are the result of years of practice, successes and failures, joys and disappointments. So, the time the artist takes to do what you see ... are all those years since he/she made his first work. That's the time it takes to do something as "simple or easy" as you see. Beautiful week for all!!!!!!