16 april 2013


A word about Wild

This was my inspiration:

This is the bedroom of Max:

In his imagination trees are growing from the bedpoles till he is in a big forest 
and free to go where ever he wants to. He sails to the island where the Wild Things are:

In my version I have my own cast: the doggies and my two friends Rob & Ros. 
Rob has  recently painted a toad, so his Wild Thing is toadlike. 
Ros made birds from textile, so she ride on a Wild Bird Thing. 

to be continued...

17 opmerkingen:

  1. Extremely beautiful picture, but I can see two strange characters. blonde woman and bald man. Obviously, from a psychological standpoint, the bald man with a pen in hand, draw obscene things, and the blonde woman with scissors in her hand is the image of decency and morality, she is responsible to erase the embarrassing bald man's ideas. This kind of strange things do you see in your dreams? :))))
    Good dreams, dear friend!!!! :DDD

    1. Hmm, yes, beautifull friends gives beautifull dreams!

    2. Hmmm, my whole life I wear a rubber, put on pink glasses sometimes and quite often long for earplugs!:))) But to erase Roberto's ideas? Oh, no!!!

  2. closely to Hieronymus Bosch... :))) Ha Ha!!!!

  3. A very cool assortment of wild things!

  4. What a surprise!!! I can't believe it! Hedwig, sweet friend, you are the Queen of Surprises! xx
    In the morning I couldn't see the whole drawing, because it was too big for the screen of my laptop, I was going out, so I gave it up. But now... To be honest, after looking at the central part of the picture, I noticed the scissors. And then... a woman with glasses, holding it...Hmmm... 2+2= 4... So I became suspicious, searched around and there he was - Roberto the Bard!:) It’s such a strange feeling to know that you rely on us – even if it’s in your dreams. Stay back, nightmares! We are there with our weapons, like noble knights, ready for battle… I will cut your fears and transform them into something pleasant and amusing… Roberto will change the scenario of your dream with his magical pen… But while our help is imaginary, I can see that you have two real defenders – your brave dogs!
    I like the monsters we are riding. Mine is a little bit à la Chagall!:DDD
    Sweet dreams tonight, dear friend!


  5. Haha, I like your characters as I have probably said many times, including those two mysterious creatures who appear every now and then :-P

  6. Very imaginative...This seems like a bedroom? They all have kind 'Wild'Faces...that's very clever of you!

  7. Very fun to look at! :)

  8. Oh, I see! I feel confused... Sendak's books are not translated in Bulgarian, so how could I recognize the reference to "Where the wild things are..."? Still I know something about him, thanks to Internet... Now I see your drawing In a new light. We are all participants in a beautiful dream, full of challenges and adventures! Thank you for sharing it with us, Hedwig!:))

  9. Dear Rossichka, I love your interpretation and Roberto's! It feels so good that you two join me in my fantasy!!! I just wanted to include Sendak.
    Í'm gonna try to make another scene from the book today. This was a sketch and I bit cluttered by all the idea's that were attacking me :)))

  10. Hedie!!!!! I must say that Rossi is drawn exactly as it is!!!! (at least as I see her in photos)
    you are very good at caricatures of people.

    Obviously my interpretation of your illustration was a fantasy of my mad brain, only to be fun, (perhaps closer to reality?) Ha Ha
    Oh ..... I respect Sendak, but .... I do not like his drawings. I am not agree with 99% of people ...I do not like Sendak :(
    Of course I prefer much more your illustration, and I do not say this to be nice to you, I say this because it is true. I prefer the ease, fluidity, not rigidity, of your line, the "movement" of your illustration, as opposed to hardness of the lines, and the rigidity of Sendak's drawings. I ask apologize to fans of Sendak. It's a matter of taste, this is only my opinion.
    Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!1 :)))))

  11. I would like you to be back on my blog, I added something to my post, thanks :)

  12. Great job again,Hedwig!The way I understand it-it's not only about the wild things but about your wild imagination too.