3 juli 2013


it wasn't the sweet guard
he watched out
the danger came from within
as often
hidden in the heart

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  1. Oh, the house was so beautiful!
    candy, and chocolate,
    alas, can not be fixed
    Now it's too late...

    The house was destroyed
    and the witch is so angry
    but you know, I love sweets,
    and seeing this makes me hungry!

    The witch looks like a fire!
    poor white dog
    he has the face of innocent,

    (I think this is a good dog,
    a dog decent)

    1. It's true, the dog is a good dog, just a food addict. She didn't eat it all, because of the glue, I think. I'm not mad anymore. And thanksthanksthanks for the poem, dear Bard!

  2. And now, The Bard went to sleep.
    and I (R) come to comment.

    Wonderful! WW. your level of quality is the best!
    Skill in handling the media!!!!!
    (when I say "intention", I mean, for example: you could have drawn the witch over the paper but you cut a piece of paper you drew the witch wonderfully in this new paper, and you stick it on the other paper)
    and, moreover, all with an excellent sense of humor
    I salute your creativity Great Artist!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))))

    1. First I was angry and then I was sad and then I thought let's make a story out of it and I was happy again.

  3. I think, that I will return several times to see this ♥

  4. haha, so funny Hedwig! Love it, the house is so wonderful and the dog is so sweet, I think he just could'nt help himself, he has to eat the sweets, even if it was his house;-)

    1. Hi, Hed, I returned once again ;)

      Hey, Celine, if I were the dog and my house was sweet and chocolate, is sure that I would have eaten it!!!! :)

    2. ...and if I was human, too ;))

    3. But why are you hiding behind your hand??? And what's in your mouth??? What my dog didn't know (and you too) is that the sweets are partly very salty! In Holland we have liquorice: the colored ones'are sweet, but the black and brown are salt. Have you ever tasted that?

    4. me again. no more hands on face, how about this? :)

      sweet / salty? never heard that in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I know!
      when a child behaves well, you give him a sweet / sweet
      when a child misbehaves you give a sweet / salty
      Very clever the Dutch people!!!! :)

    5. Yes, that's better. You look very cute against the pink wall of your casita! I'll send you some liquorice. It's very nice and kids LOVE it. Dutch kids, that is. The Argentinian wife of my brother hates the taste. I send you some!

  5. me again!!

    Ja Ja please I do not want you waste your money doing a send to me ... but if you insist will be happy to try :)))
    Argentina wife??? oh, she will surely know about alfajores cordobeses!! ask her :))))))

  6. Oh, poor little dog! She's not to blame - she was obviously sooo hungry, that she hadn't another choice, but to eat the forbidden sweets! I know why the witch is cut from another piece of paper - because she has just run from another place, i.e. from another drawing. But ohhhh!, how furious she is - all in red (where's the lady in white gone?!) A wonderful drawing, such a tense atmosphere, you've succeeded to create the escalation of emotions, Hedwig!
    What about the salty candies - I know them and to be honest, I will never forget their taste, 'cause I didn't like them, sorry! Some years ago I brought such candies from Denmark (without suspecting at all!) and some people thought I had done it on purpose!?:(
    Good night!xx

    1. Hey, is that you, Rossi? Mysterious masked woman with golden locks! The lady in white was torn and crumbled in the event! Here is something to read about the salt candy http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drop
      I love it, and most dutch people do. Goodnight to you XXX

    2. I see... (I rad a material in English.) The taste is familiar to you, but it was a little bit shocking for me, that's all! From the other side, these candies look so beautiful and tempting!
      Yes, it's me on the photo. There was a carnival in our town, but we were finalizing our big project (I'll write about it very soon), so a friend of mine gave me the mask to feel the festive emotions of the day!:)
      Have a lovely weekend, Hedie!xxx

    3. Oh, Batgirl, masked!
      I think I will take her for a ride in my Batcar! :))))))))))))))))

    4. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

    5. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

    6. Are we going to fly? Then the wind will play with my hair...:)

  7. Wow, there is a lot of action and movement in this image! Excellent, love it! Especially the witch. (And it still makes my sweet tooth ache, I am considering a trip to supermarket...

  8. Me again. Got something to do this weekend? ;))))

  9. What terrific visitors you have, with all their explanations. I love this idea that the witch came from another drawing! As for the dog, can we stay mad at them for long ever? (Unfortunately, I know some people can! But not you. Or me. Or anyone reasonable who calls herself a dog person!)

    I'm sorry your sweet pup destroyed this thing. But I'm glad you made a story that made you happy again! Both dogs expressions are hilarious! And the poor woman. Poor, fiery, angry woman. I hope she did not stay aflame too long and damage anyone's hair or fur! (So smelly when that happens!)

  10. Exploding sweets, witch and dogs...this makes Harry Potter seem tame!

  11. Oh Hedwig...this is marvellous!!! I want to eat that little lolly house tooo!!!

  12. I have had many dinners outdoors, chatting with friends, in which I drank several glasses of wine and some champagne, (which does not mean I was drunk) but I never had the analytical skills that you have
    Ha ha, "a lady of the lake", that amused me :))
    wish you have sweet dreams, (leaving a place on your pillow to the muses) ;))

  13. J'aime ton humour...comestible et ton blog...irr├ęsistible.
    merci pour ton passage sur mon blog.


  14. Hi! Hope you are O.K., 'cause it's strange not to hear your voice...xx