6 februari 2014


Exotic? Give them a fez, said my mom. So I did. And then what happened? 
A tent appeared with a fortuneteller inside! Isn't that exotic?

And when work is done, it's time to feed the fish and to dance exotic dances!

12 opmerkingen:

  1. she says luck, or the future? i dont want to know my future! and good luck i already have!!! :)
    ha ha.
    Today I saw a gypsy woman on the street, stared at me, (it's true) she did not take his eyes off me. gave me fear
    but this woman seems more peaceful.
    (I think the danger, here,
    is the little white) :)

  2. I like the little heart on dog's paw ♥

  3. Soooorry i forgot!!!!!!!! Excellent illustration!!!!!!!!!!!!! is not as a tent over the world?

  4. Great! I think this fortune teller is making spells for love! The pink cheeks, the heart and her look make me think so ( it reminds me of the fortune teller in a movie, that I like a lot - "Before sunrise"!) Keep the fez for a while, Hedie - they may take you (and us) to another exotic adventure! I like the use of green here...:) xxx

  5. What a passionate dance!:) Oh, that fire light!:)xxx

  6. Wow, I love them! The hats! The magical mood! The festive costume (and tails)! The blue steamy mist is so cool. And the dancing - terrific!

  7. Hedwig,
    you make me laugh, you said on my blog that I do drawings "just whoosh whoosh",
    Hedwig, let's see,
    I could say that this new illustration is made Whoosh Whoosh (I understand that when you say whoosh whoosh, you want to say "with fast and secure lines, without hesitations) OK, and so, this illustration is very good, denoted, security in their lines.
    the rhythm of the lines is excellent, very well expression achieved in the characters, the foot of the woman is perfect, I would say almost sexy.
    summarizing: Hedwig, you are a very good drawer, artist.
    I told you once, I do not know many women cartoonists with good sense of humor in his drawings. :)))
    See you!!!! until three hundred years! :)))
    Ah, thanks for the little heart :)

  8. I love the two dancing dogs! I can see move in this Argentine tango?

  9. You have turned something 2d into something exotic and magical!!