13 januari 2016

IF tropical

tropical fish


4 opmerkingen:

  1. I love this collage - the Tropical Fruit sea kingdom idea is charming and fresh! This might be the beginning of a love story... Do you think to continue it?
    Hugs, dear Hedie!

  2. I'm really surprised about how women are romantic (and consider that I am romantic) Rossichka says: This might be the beginning of a love story ... Do you think to continue it ...?
    Sorry my dear friend. I think this poor sailor and beautiful mermaid, will be eaten by that terrible monster with squid form. It will not continue.
    The Art of Hedwig: Perfect, I could not draw even the clouds of smoke!
    I think is great when you use the absurd: an ocean and a shipwreck in a fishbowl ... Very good idea. Congratulations, and until next IF! :)

  3. Wonderful work full of fun detail! Makes me smile...

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your style is so fun and very creative. Nice!