6 januari 2016

IF moon

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een gewqeldig vrolijk "plaatje" ;-)

    (beloofd wat voor een goed 2016 !)

  2. Ohhhhhh, this is so beautiful, enchanting and uplifting. I realised, on seeing it, how many times I have completely adored your amazing work, but never tell you this! So, for the start of the New Year: your work is truly FANTASTIC! I love it!! I wish I could hold a bunch of books full of your pictures in my arms - I'd be grinning so happily! Thank you so much for the joy and huge inspiration your work brings xx

  3. Well, ladies and gentlemen. Here, another wonderful work of Mrs. Hedwig.
    When we talk about the Moon. inevitably comes to uor mind two dimensions, two spaces above and bellow ... Perhaps, it is ansestral, man has looked for over a million years to the Moon, from below.
    It puts us in a position of worship ...
    And, particularly, I surrender to the observation of the Moon
    You show us here, wonderfully these two spaces.
    Above all, and bellow, little or nothing. The two dogs (could be us, humans) observing or worshiping with their howling, stunned, a Goddess dancing with the Moon
    A Goddess dancing on the moonlight.
    There is movement and stillness, light and darkness, above and bellow. all extremes or opposite meanings. And I love this quality in art.
    This is part of what your illustration shows me.
    To talk about your ability as an artist, it would be another chapter :)

  4. And now thanks for your comment.
    You do not have fears, we do not wake up to the moon. :)
    I liked it when you say "float in a circle" ... gives me the idea of a whirlpool in which we fall sucked by a different universe. Adds a different dimension to the two dimensions which is tied my drawing. A third conceptual dimension. Thanks. How many things, sees the person observing our work, that we did not see. (As I see in your work). That's the beauty of art. One says something and it has thousands of interpretations.

  5. What a merry dance and a playful duet under the moonlight!:)Mister Moon? How nice! The little bow-tie really suits him! There's everything in your drawing, Hedie: rhythm, mood,light, sounds... The sky stage is not for everyone, but it is certainly the place, where you can reign!:))xxx

  6. Love to see this trio again! The magic of full moon really comes through.