31 oktober 2013

IF creature

This poor little creature is the stray dog that bonded with my son Bob. 
He is from Punto del Diablo, Uruguay.
He has a crooked leg
and his name is Che!

16 opmerkingen:

  1. surely a great company for your child, in a place so far from home, right?
    and I believe that with your excellent drawing, you do a sort of "rite" of rapprochement
      I mean, I imagine you, drawing (in the solitude of the artist) while you draw lines, drawing your son, far, you feel him closer to you, with the company of the little dog named Che.
    I loved it, really,
    Dogs have always been around me all my life. (and I've cried a lot for them)

  2. I love dogs too and this drawing captures that exactly! Bravo to you for taking on a stray.

  3. Aww, what a cutie! They already look like terrific friends!

  4. The dog makes me smile, the way he looks and lifts one leg! Funny!

  5. Beautiful illustration Hedwig!! I love Che's little waving paw!

  6. what an utterly charming face on that little dog! And the crooked paw waving - too cute! I also really like that blue wavy background!

  7. I like this sweet Che and his "ringing" name! I think he and your son are both lucky to have found each other! I believe Che is a devoted soul!:) Lovely illustration!xxx

  8. Hi, WW. thanks for your comments (3) :)
      I also like the sketches, and I think I learn more when I see a sketch of an artist, that when I see his completed work.
    I believe that experience makes you to draw anything, but does not eliminate doubts. nervousness, etc.. do you know what I think? i think than a cartoonist or illustrator of children's books. like you and me can draw anything. because you have the freedom of not respecting the "photographic", which requires a "serious" drawing, but an "serious" artist, does not have that facility to represent an image, if I say to you: draw a submarine, you know, if I say draw an elephant, you know, if I say draw a seal, you know, without the need of major photographic documentation. I think so, do you agree?

  9. hey, I see that this drawing is done with right strokes and lines quickly made​​. (You can also draw without hesitation) :))))))))))))
    I see my lines like, "self-taught". I see your lines as "plastic knowledge" :)

    1. ??? What do you mean with plastic knowledge???

    2. Perhaps the classic line type, speaking in terms of artistic drawing, not comic. I do not know, do not mind me.
      I feel that my line is a cartoonist line, and your line, is an artist's line. ????????????????????????

    3. That sounds better than the plastic! And furtheron: You have artistic lines too and I have some cartooning ones. Problem solved!

    4. oh, sorry please, we say "plastic" to the artistic thing, not to a plastic container ;)))) ok a plastic container also is called plastic, but speaking about art, we say "plastic", ie. "this boy is studing plastic" OK?

  10. not exactly, the idea is, "she did not know to keep a secret"
    but it could be "He did not know to keep a secret"
    I often work with "impulse-ideas" I mean I draw or write what first comes to my mind, And without processing it or reason it, simply by "aesthetic impulse"
    the phrase, in this case, acts as a graphic element more around the drawing
    thanks for your concern! :))))))))))))))))))))))

  11. Che is so cute!!! I love dogs (and all animals too, my cat Nunu is an ex-stray from Beijing). I am so happy that Che and your son have made friends!