11 juni 2014


                                       My father had a twin sister. 
                                       She was nice and he was naughty. 
                                       He made a contraption to steal food from her plate!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. I like the look in his eyes and also the curious wallpaper!

  2. haha, so much fun! The wallpaper reminds me those movies, often for children, where they are in a spooky house and the wally and everything follow them with their eyes. Love it, your drawing makes me smile. I like how she tries to protect her plate, hihi!

  3. What a funny drawing!
    You handle very well the expressions of the faces. I've seen it in your pictures of your dogs
    It makes me laugh the "strange" contraption devised by your father, sister obviously already aware of that because he has the dish very well kept.
    One thing surprises me, the cup flipped and spilled water.
    I like this "quick" drawing style. I mean the color pencil strokes, is good, sometimes des structure, and have fun drawing.
    Have a nice soccer weekend!!! :)

    1. She was just a bit clumsy and pushed over her glass... Or she was smart! She didn't like the milk and pretended to be clumsy. Yes.
      Thanks, I will enjoy the soccer very much! :)))))))))

  4. This is a fun drawing. It is both simple and complicated at the same time. So much happening... I like the wallpaper and the table cloth a lot, they set the scene perfectly.

  5. Haha, the look on his face is so devious! I love those wallpaper and table patterns.

  6. It's really very funny! Your father had a big appetite - I see his dish is empty!:) As if you've drawn that sketch "in one breath"! To have the wallpaper as a character - that's a great idea!:) Bye, Hedie, I am disappearing again!:( xxxxxxxxxxxxx